i had a sad thought today ;w;

you know how some people get tatoos in chinese and stuff?

what if someone got a tatoo in chinese that sad something like “ugly” or “fat” and no one would know but that person would know and every time someone would say “what a cool tatoo” they’d feel worse and it’d be a daily reminder to themselves that they hate themselves

that’s just the saddest thing ever and i hope no one ever does that :c

  1. 1ns1d1ous said: I heard a story once in my Abnormal Psych class about a Girl that was into BDSM that had a Tattoo that said “Slave” on her neck. Kind of the opposite of this, since she did that because of other reasons than Body Image. >.<That would be sad though :(
  2. tan00ki said: haha yes - that’s why you have to verify what it actually means from various sources
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