Butterfly bow bag from Makadai

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mooncharmgirl: You are the cutest thing I have ever seen oh my gosh i love u !! <3

purr thank you!! i love your url >u< its very kawaii~~ 

poltergeist-prince: Your blog is screeeeeecchhh cute you're cute aggressively pinches your cheeks!!!!

uwahh!! *is pinched*

ehee, but forreal, i thought the same thing about your blog!! *o* honestly my dash is so seriously lacking in cute and pastel and pink ;o; so im excited to find another cute blog!! ;u;


♡ Candy Stripped Bow Bag from Harajuku Fashion ♡ 

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Blouse || Shorts from Hhotaru.

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sleepykouhai: i have i have!! florida one twice, cali one twice! i love disney stuff ^-^

ohhh you’re so luckyyy!! i’ve only been to disney once before this trip, and i was a baby back then!! ^.^;; so technically this was my first time ehee;;; it was soooooo fun, the best part was meeting the princesses!! *o* my parents say we’ll go back one day in the winter when it wont be busy~~ <33 it was an hour wait in line for each activity we did @w@ so we didnt get to do much;;;